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Medicaid Expansion in Montana: What's Next? (Ep. 103)

Lawmakers set the future of Medicaid, but how will the state handle other health emergencies?

The Rundown

Medicaid Expansion in Montana: What's Next?

Rating: TV-G

The 2019 legislative session is over, but what’s the future for Medicaid Expansion?

The fate of Medicaid Expansion in Montana is set, for now, following the 2019 Legislative Session. But the future of federally-funded healthcare coverage is being called into question on a national level. With presidential budget cuts and pending court cases challenging the Affordable Care Act, federally-funded healthcare coverage could shrink or disappear for some Americans, including thousands in Montana. How are people reacting to an uncertain future of healthcare funding?

Meanwhile, Montana faces other growing health emergencies including opioid addiction and mental health treatment. After cuts to services, Montana finds itself in a mental health crisis intersecting at times with addiction to opioids and other substances. The combination has put strain on local communities and state services, but what options exist to pull Montanans out of these health emergencies and build a healthier population?