MontanaPBS Election 2018
MOntanaPBS Elections

Debate Night | U.S. Senate

MontanaPBS hosted the U.S. Senate candidate debates on September 29.

MontanaPBS Elections

Candidate Profiles: U.S. Senate

Republican, Democrat and Libertarian Senate candidate profiles are featured.

MontanaPbs elections

Big Sky Poll

Get the exclusive first look at polling results for Montana’s 2018 Mid-Term Elections.

Montanapbs elections

How Montanans Voted

Gain insight into how and why people voted across the state in this year's general election.

Montanapbs Elections

Debate Night | U.S. House

MontanaPBS hosted the U.S. House candidate debates on October 6.

MontanaPBS Elections

Candidate Profiles: U.S. House

Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian House candidates are featured.

Montanapbs elections

Election Night 2018

The PBS NewsHour team will provide full primetime coverage and analysis of the midterm election results.

Learn More About The 2018 Ballot Initiatives

Ballot Measure LR 129

The Ballot Collection Measure


Late Voter Registration

Curious about voter registration? This quick video helps you navigate where and how to register to vote!


Ballot Measure LR 128

The Six-Mill Levy


Ballot Measure 1 185

Tobacco & Taxes


Ballot Measure I 186

New Requirements for Hardrock Mines

Additional Election Resources & Previous Coverage