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MontanaPBS | 2019 Previews

Take a look at all of the new an exciting programming we have coming to MontanaPBS this year and thank YOU for supporting your local PBS station.

2019 Made in Montana Highlights

11th and Grant

Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs


Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs showcase their raw and rustic bluegrass sound on 11th & Grant.

Medicaid Expansion: Insured or In Doubt?
The Rundown

Medicaid Expansion: Insured or In Doubt?

Rating: TV-PG

Can state lawmakers strike a deal to keep the health insurance of 1 in 10 Montanans?

The Bozeman Trail

The Bozeman Trail

Rating: TV-PG

The Bozeman Trail was a shortcut to the newly discovered gold fields of Montana Territory.

A Year in Review for Education

New leadership and Education Advisory Committee

It’s been a year for changes in the Education department at MontanaPBS. A new strategic plan for the department was developed and implemented as a result of the collaboration between members of MontanaPBS Friends board and staff. This Education Advisory committee met in the spring of 2019 to discuss and plan for the future of the education work carried out by MontanaPBS. The outcome of that committee was a commitment to serving PK-12 educators in rural communities in the area of media literacy and technology integration.

Strategic Plan: “Meaningful media use at home and at school”. MontanaPBS Education serves:

  • PK-12 Educators in rural settings
  • Families of Preschool aged children

Continued service to rural teachers customized to their unique needs

  • 2 PBS KIDS Edcamps serving over 100 Montana PreK-3 educators
  • TILT Collaborative professional development for over 20 educators in rural schools
  • EdTech Fellowship 1:1 Mentoring program for 2 rural teachers committed to professional growth as a leader in their districts
  • PBS Media Literacy Certification by KQED program support for teachers online and in person
  • Student Reporting Labs--supporting rural Montana students and teachers to explore broadcast media production with in depth studio visits and continued support onsite in 2020
  • Media Literacy and Coding Education Emphasis: Classroom visits, monthly, sharing media literacy and coding curriculum with 200+1st and 2nd graders in Livingston
  • PBS LearningMedia: teacher authored lesson materials based on local productions--”The Bozeman Trail”
  • Teacher Recognition Programs: Early Learning Champion, Digital Innovator All Star

MontanaPBS Edcamp

We bring together educators for peer-led conversations with a PBS twist! This participant driven conference model gives participating educators the opportunity to collaborate around common goals and challenges.

Welcome to Our Newest Team Members!

Deanna Mydland

Early Learning Specialist

Jeannie Gracey

Development Officer

Kyle Sorenson

Content and Brand Producer

Jeff Nehring

Director of Finance

Kristina Martin

Development Director

Jackie Coffin

News & Public Affairs Producer

Duncan Williamson

Contract Producer

2019 Awards and Accolades

EB Craney Awards:The Montana Broadcasters Association, EB Craney Awards, are presented in June each year and recognize excellence in Montana produced programming.

  • Non-commercial Program of the Year |Safe Enough? - Anna Rau/Producer
  • Non-commercial Program of the Year Runner-Up | Backroads of Montana: Speed of Sound - William Marcus, John Twiggs and Ray Ekness

EMMYs:The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Northwest Chapter, 55th Annual Regional Emmy Awards.

  • One Award
    • Audio - Jeremiah Slovarp, 11th and Grant with Erik Funk "Paige & the People's Band"
  • Three Nominations
    • Historic/Cultural - Program/Special - Backroads of Montana: Speed of Sound, Ray Ekness/Producer, John Twiggs/Producer, William Marcus/Host/Producer
    • Documentary | Topical - Safe Enough?, Anna Rau/Producer
    • Audio - Jeremiah Slovarp, 11th and Grant with Erik Funk "Paige & the People's Band"

NETA Award:The NETA Awards are an annual recognition of member-produced excellence in public broadcasting, a tradition established more than forty years ago by the pioneering Southern Educational Communications Association.

  • 2018/Locally Sourced Production | Backroads of Montana "Rich with Tradition" - Ray Ekness/Producer, John Twiggs/Producer, William Marcus/Host/Producer

Statement of Activities | Fiscal Year 2019