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Public media can be a powerful force in our communities, creating an environment where people are inspired to learn more about each other, do more to solve societal issues, and become their best possible selves. Our content is the first step.

In communities across the state, MontanaPBS launches cohesive, hands-on initiatives to help educators, children and families to learn using a transmedia approach where adults and children learn by watching, playing, explaining and sharing. We equip teachers and caregivers with the tools and know-how to accelerate learning through customized professional development for educators, family workshops and neighborhood events. We offer Montana schools personalized learning experiences for educators committed to improving their instruction by integrating more technology and media.

Serving Montana Educators and Families

MTPBS Education provides enriching learning experiences for PK-12 educators, families and children. We are committed to supporting the meaningful use of media and technology at school and at home. At its core, MTPBS Education leverages the free educational PBS Kids programs and classroom ready resources on PBS LearningMedia to teach important math, science and literacy skills. These learning resources and media tools were created to help children learn and adults to teach.

Connect Teachers to PBS Kids Content

PBS Kids is the top educational media brand for kids, offering all children the opportunity to explore educational skills through television, digital platforms, and community-based programs. This content is available to all Montanan children over-the-air, online and through the PBS KIDS app.

Inspire Early Learning

Without public funding, preschool in Montana is not available for many 4 year old children. This is why we work to make high quality early learning opportunities accessible to preschoolers and the adults in their lives, preparing them for success in school, career and beyond.

Community Partners

We work with community partners to offer educators and families fun learning opportunities in their communities. A variety of local community organizations including the Montana State University System work daily to improve the lives of the people who live in Montana.

Mobile Learning Labs

We can provide technology access to participants in our workshops and community events through our growing collection of devices in the MontanaPBS Education Mobile Lab. Equipped with iPads and Chromebooks, the Mobile Lab offers access to educators, families and community members to explore PBS Kids and PBS LearningMedia.

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Learn at Home

MTPBS Education

Engaging Families Around Montana

Our Early Learning work supports and empowers parents and caregivers to help their children learn at home. Our workshops teach families how to use PBS Kids content online and off.

Educational Rights

Most programs broadcast by MontanaPBS offer educators the right to record the program for use in the classroom within a defined period of time. In many cases this right is extended for one year from the date of broadcast, but in some cases may extend for the normal life of the program. Look for the specific educational taping rights offered at the end of each program description. The period of time for these educational rights renews every time MontanaPBS rebroadcasts a specific program.