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FightingHer Wars (Ep. 106)

The Rundown

Fighting Her Wars


From fighting wars to fighting for visibility at home, female veterans share their stories

In this episode of the Rundown, Jackie travels around the state to collect the stories of female veterans and service members. On fishing boats on the Yellowstone River, a group of veterans re-unites 15 years after two tours in Iraq to find healing and joy in fly-fishing. In Billings, a nonagenarian nurse awaits recognition for her service in WWII.

Coming home to civilian life can be a struggle for every service member, but women face unique struggles. Step inside the VA to hear from counselors on how female veterans respond to stress and PTSD, and learn what cracks in the system may prevent them from getting the care they need.

Women are the fastest-growing segment of the military population, with more than 2 million serving after 9/11, but often feel their service is not recognized or valued as highly.

This poignant piece will introduce you to the Montana women who have served and are still serving now, trying to bring greater visibility of their service and their struggles into the public eye.