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The Rundown with Beth Saboe

On the Ballot 2016 (No. 103)

In addition to high-profile races for U.S. House and Governor, Montanans will also be deciding four citizen-proposed ballot measures.
The Rundown

On The Ballot 2016 (No. 103)

Rating: NR

On November 8, 2016, Montanans will be deciding four citizen-proposed ballot measures.

CI-116 is a constitutional initiative which seeks to ensure that crime victim's rights and interests are respected and protected by law. I-177 would prohibit the use of traps and snares for animals by the public on any public lands in Montana, with certain exceptions. I-181 would promote research into developing therapies and cures for brain diseases and injuries. And I-182 seeks to expand Montanans' access to medical marijuana. This episode of The Rundown presents both sides of each issue to viewers to help them make an informed decision on election day.
Beth Saboe
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