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Labor Issues in Montana AG | Ep. 5710

Over the years, we've all seen a lot of changes in jobs and the labor market.  That's been especially true over the last several years. Have these sort of changes occurred in Ag production?  The labor market in Montana is influenced by national and international politics and events.  Technological changes inform everything from planting to harvesting, breeding and calving to feedlots, transportation and distribution, equipment sales and maintenance, marketing, environmental concerns, as well as taxes, inheritance and other legal issues.  This week, Diane Charlton, an Agricultural Economist with Montana State University and a national expert on labor issues, will share her insights on the current labor market in the country, especially in agriculture, and we'll take a look at the role of migrant labor in Montana.  Working on a Montana farm or ranch can still be a great summer job for a teenager, but the labor market in the Ag production sector is definitely evolving to meet the future.

Montana Ag Live

5710: Labor Issues in Montana Ag

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This week, Diane Thronson, an Agricultural Economist with Montana State University.