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Tech Development at MSU: Agriculture & Beyond | Episode 5605

Montana State University has more than 100 active patents and Plant Variety Protections that support the University’s mission to maximize the societal impact of MSU's research.  Through the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), MSU Research, including faculty, researchers and students, along with a variety of research facilities and capabilities, are connected to industry, including production agriculture.  In this episode, Daniel Juliano, help us understand the economic development of agricultural research.  Broadly, the TTO works to spur entrepreneurship based on MSU technology, to commercialize the inventions of MSU faculty, and to provide a gateway for industry looking to utilize MSU resources.  The benefits of technology transfer accrue to faculty, the MSU research centers, University Departments and Colleges, and to MSU students, as well as to local and national businesses.  In our discussion in this episode we’ll see how this applies particularly to Montana producers, and the Ag production sector.

Montana Ag Live

5605: Tech Development At MSU: Agriculture & Beyond

Rating: TV-G

In this episode we'll see how MSU Tech applies to MT producers, and Ag production.