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Healthy & Happy Ponies | Episode 5603

They say healthy horses make for happy horse owners. Many Montanans keep horses for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they’re family pets; sometimes they earn their keep as work or show animals. Whether packing in the mountains, competing in dressage or racing events, working in fields or logging camps, roping & bucking, or wherever else we connect with our equine companions, there are some fundamental principles and practices every horse owner needs to know. Sound nutrition, a suitable and safe living environment, and regular evaluation and care are the foundations for a healthy horse.  There also some innovative new ideas and products to improve horse care.  This week, Amanda Bradbery, Montana State University’s equine nutrition expert, will help us understand the many methods and options available to keep ponies healthy and strong, throughout the seasons and across many years.  She’ll also have advice, suggestions for resources, and solutions for horse ownership challenges old and new.  Even long-time owners can learn a thing or two.

Montana Ag Live

5603: Healthy & Happy Ponies

Rating: TV-G

This week, Amanda Bradbery, Montana State University's equine nutrition expert.