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Montana’s AG Research Centers | Episode 5602

Montana’s AG Research Centers are part of the research component of Montana State University – Bozeman.  State statute charges them with conducting and promoting studies, scientific investigations and experiments relating to agriculture, natural resources and rural life, and to diffuse information thereby acquired among the people of Montana. There are seven Research Centers spread across the State, all engaged in cutting-edge research and innovative idea development that benefits not only Montana’s agriculture industry, but all our citizens, communities, and economy.  This week the AG Live panel is joined by Ken Kephart, Superintendent at the Southern Ag Research Center, a 462 acre facility located along the Yellowstone River near Huntley, in south-central Montana. Have your questions ready as we explore how the Research Centers develops unique solutions to distinct and interesting challenges, and helps connect all Montanans with the global community through science, discoveries and outreach.


Montana’s AG Research Centers | Ep 5602

Montana's Ag Research Centers: Developing innovative solutions for Montana’s producers.