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Latest Animal Forage News | Episode 5513

Did you know that foraging can provide 50 to 100 percent of the total feed requirements of livestock, and serves as one of the primary resources that allow effective nutrient management planning?  High quality forages lead to better, healthier and happier livestock, cleaner air and water, and reduced flooding and erosion.  Happy cows and sheep make for happy producers, but knowing the best diet for your livestock can be a difficult task.  That's where Hayes Goosey, Montana State Universities Forage Specialist, comes in to help. Hayes joins the panel this week to discuss what's new in the foraging world for Montana's livestock industry.  This discussion will not only help your livestock, but also your ecosystem and wildlife habitat.  Due to the limited research that forage crops receive, it would be beneficial to learn as much as possible.  So, please join us as we discuss the types and benefits of forages, as we find answers to the question you and your neighbors might have.

Montana Ag Live

5513: Latest Animal Forage News

Rating: TV-G

Hayes Goosey, Montana State Universities Forage Specialist.