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2011 Archived Episodes

Cash Crops for Montana (No. 3501)

Cropping Systems Specialist Perry Miller will look at profitable cash crops for Montana.

First Lady Nancy Schweitzer's Classroom Garden (No. 3502)

Discover the wonders of science as Montana's First Lady Nancy Schweitzer shares the newest feature of the Governor and First Lady's Math & Science Initiative. Nancy's Garden enables fourth grade classrooms across the state to grow gardens, minds and healthy bodies.

Animal Range Science Dept. (No. 3503)

Dr. Glenn Duff, head of Animal and Range Sciences discusses the vision of the department.

Community Food Systems & MSU's Outdoor Classroom (No. 3504)

Charles Holt, director of the MSU Townes Harvest Garden, visits with the panel about community food systems and MSU's new outdoor classroom, an exciting new activity offered by the Land Resources and Environmental Sciences Department.

Oil and Gas Leases (No. 3505)

Where does a landowner go to get accurate information about oil and gas leases in Montana? That is the question Montana AG Live asks MSU economist Tim Fitzgerald. Join us as we learn about the pitfalls, problems and benefits to these oil and gas leases.

The New Farm Bill (2011) (No. 3506)

Vince Smith, MSU Agricultural Economist, discusses the current status of a new farm bill in the works in Congress.

Marketing Local Food (No. 3507)

Dawson County MSU Extension Agent Bruce Smith explains the unique way Dawson County markets local food systems.

Noxious Weed Research (No. 3508)

Noxious weeds are always a topic of concern to Montanans. This week Jane Mangold will again join us to bring us up-to-date on MSU's current research on the topic.

Mushrooms to Avoid (No. 3509)

Cathy Cripps, from MSU's Mycology Lab, focuses on mushrooms you should avoid.

Poisonous Plants and Their Effect On Livestock (No. 3510)

Mark Mattix, Consulting Veterinarian, will discuss plants that are a danger to livestock.

Bees In Montana (No. 3601)

David Baumbauer, our resident bee expert,sets the place abuzz with great information.

Zone 4 Gardening (No. 3602)

Dan Spur, editor of Zone 4 magazine discusses gardening in the Rocky Mountain region.

Farm Subsidies (No. 3603)

Congressional Super Committee decisions and Montana farm subsidies and agriculture.

Maintaining Healthy Livestock (No. 3604)

John Paterson the Montana Extension Beef Specialist will cover livestock questions.

Improving Nutrition In Montana Crops (No. 3605)

Dave Sands, a plant pathologist from MSU in Bozeman, is working to improve crop nutrition.

Water Court Issues (No. 3606)

Water, water everywhere! Tune in as we welcome back Montana's Chief Water Court Judge Bruce Loble. If you have a water question, this episode of Montana Ag Live may have your answer.