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2010 Archived Episodes

Using Basic Research In Production Ag (No. 3301)

Tracy Sterling, Montana State University Department Head of Land Resources and Environmental Science and MSU Weed Scientist, discusses using basic research methods to solve common production issues.

Native Pollinators (No. 3302)

Ian Foley, Entomologist with the Montana Department of Agriculture addresses using native pollinators as an alternative to declining honeybee numbers.

Septic Systems and Ground Water (No. 3303)

Adam Sigler, Montana State University research scientist, talks about taking care of ground water and septic systems.

Transferring The Farm to Your Children (No. 3304)

Marsha Goetting from Montana State University's Department of Agricultural Economics talks about transferring farms and ranches from generation to generation.

Public and Private Cooperation to Benefit All (No. 3305)

Rob Dunn, co-owner of Westscape nursery informs viewers on university and private industry cooperation, including using plants to detoxify national wildlife refuges which are high in selenium and sodium, that often result in bird toxicity.

Technology for Cereal Grain Producers (No. 3306)

Kent McVay, Cereal Cropping Specialist, will join the panel to discuss computer programs to assist the cereal grain producer.

Corporate Plant Breeding (No. 3307)

Dale Clark, Monsanto/Westbred Plant Breeder, will talk about how corporate plant breeding can be beneficial for small grain producers.

Meet MSU President Cruzado (No. 3308)

If you haven't been able to see MSU's new President, Waded Cruzado, in person, now is your chance as she makes her first visit to Montana AG Live.

Growing Hops and Grapes In Montana (No. 3309)

Victoria Blake, Plant Pathologist at MSU, has been testing the potential for grape-growing in Montana. Tune in as she discusses her findings about the future of both hops and grapes in our state.

Mushrooms! (No. 3310)

Cathy Cripps will again join the panel to answer all your questions about finding and identifying mushrooms in Montana.

Mountain Pine Beetle Update (No. 3401)

Kevin Wanner, Extension Entomologist, updates viewers on the Mountain Pine Beetle situation in Montana.

Grain Marketing Options (No. 3402)

Vince Smith, MSU Agricultural Economist, discusses grain marketing options for Montana producers.

The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee (No. 3403)

Kim Falcon, the Executive Vice President of the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee, will be on the panel to talk about how the Committee benefits the Montana agricultural community.

Rural School Safety (No. 3404)

In a bit of a departure for Montana AG Live, Dr John Dudley, a school safety consultant from Lincoln, Nebraska, will join the panel to talk about safety in rural schools.

Water Quality (No. 3405)

Rick Mulder of the Montana Department of Agriculture will address the issue of water quality in Montana.

Credit and the Economy In Montana (No. 3406)

How is the credit crunch affecting Montana agriculture? With some markets up and others down, Miles Watts, Economics Professor at MSU, will talk about how the national economy affects us at the individual farm and ranch level.