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2009 Archived Episodes

Space-Age Technologies On Montana Farms (No. 3101)

Justin Wissenhut from TeeJet Corporation will bring viewers up to date on new technologies available for Montana's farms and ranches.

Montana's Herbicide Testing Programs (No. 3102)

Ed Davis, Montana State University weed scientist, will inform producers on Montana's Herbicide Testing Programs.

The Local Food Economy (No. 3103)

Allison Harmon, Montana State University's Sustainable Food Systems Specialist, discusses how to engage in the local food economy.

Industry and University Ag Projects (No. 3104)

Ron Ueland, President of Westbred LLC, will discuss how industry and universities interact on agricultural projects.

Invasive Weeds (No. 3105)

Jane Mangold, MSU's Invasive Weed Specialist, will discuss Montana's war on invasive weeds.

Mountain Pine Beetle In Urban Areas (No. 3106)

Ryan Stover, Bozeman's City Forester, will discuss the Mountain Pine Beetle in the urban environment.

Vector-Borne Diseases (No. 3107)

The Montana Ag Live panel will discuss vector-borne diseases in companion and working animals.

Brucellosis (No. 3108)

Dave Pascual, a molecular biologist from MSU, will discuss the difficult topic of brucellosis.

Legislative Actions and Water Rights In Montana (No. 3109)

Bruce Loble, Chief Water Court Judge, will address legislative actions as they relate to water rights in Montana.

Food Preservation with Lynn Paul (No. 3110)

So you have planted your garden and expect a great what? Lynn Paul, MSU Extension Food and Nutrition Specialist, lets us know how and what to preserve for later!

Nutrition and Winter Health for Horses (No. 3201)

There's no horsing around when Rob Keene, equine veterinarian, joins us to talk about nutrition and winter health for horses.

Loans for Rural Businesses (No. 3202)

Are you a rural entrepreneur? If so, you might be interested in the Bootstrap loan program. Join us as Gary Bloomer, the Director of Client Development at the Tech Ranch of MSU, discusses how to qualify for rural business loans.

Restoration Issues In Montana (No. 3203)

Cathy Zabinski, Associate Professor of Restoration Ecology at MSU discusses restoration issues.

Energy Conservation (No. 3204)

Is your home geared up for winter? Join Mike Vogel, the Montana State University Extension Housing Specialist, as he shares home energy conservation tips.

Brucellosis In Montana (No. 3205)

Rachel Endecott, Extension Beef Specialist, joins the panel to answer brucellosis questions.

Stimulus Dollars In Montana (No. 3206)

Vince Smith, Montana State University Economist, will lead us through the maze of how stimulus dollars have influenced agriculture in Montana this year.

Water Rights and Wrongs (No. 3207)

Panelists Richard Opper, Director Department of Environmental Quality; Mary Sexton, Director of the DNRC; and Bruce Loble, chief water judge, Montana Water Court, will talk about water rights and water issues.