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2007 Archived Episodes

New Crops (No. 2701)

Have you ever looked over a field of dandelions and wished that they were your cash crop? Maybe they will be.

Animal Bio-Terrorism (No. 2702)

What is the potential for animal bio-terrorism in the United States? Does our position as a border state mean we should be taking precautions we don't take now? How would this threat affect our agricultural industry? These and other questions will frame the discussion as we welcome Marc Mattix, DVM from the MSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab to Montana Ag Live.

Ethanol & Beef Production (No. 2703)

With the recent hype about ethanol production, are we considering how that market might affect beef production and pricing? John Paterson, MSU Beef Specialist, joins the panel to talk about today's beef industry in Montana.

Forage In Montana (No. 2704)

MSU Extension Forage Specialist Dennis Cash joins the Montana AG Live panel, so get your calls in early to learn what he has to share with us about forages.

Global Warming and Stream Flows (No. 2705)

Clayton Marlow, MSU Animal and Range Sciences, will address the topic of global warming and stream flows in Montana on this episode of Montana AG Live. Call in if you have noticed specific changes in available water for your farm, ranch, or yard. Is global warming for real? Let's find out.

The 2007 Legislative Session In Review (No. 2706)

What happened for agriculture in the 2007 session? Join us as Nancy Peterson, Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture, brings viewers up to date on the legislative session and the impacts on Montana Agriculture.

Meat and Food Safety (No. 2707)

Is importing Canadian beef a problem for Montanans? How safe is the meat you buy at your local store? On this episode of Montana Ag Live, Jane Bowles, Professor of Meat Science at MSU, will discuss food safety and the meat we eat.

Bio-Controls (No. 2708)

Cliff Bradley joins the panel to answer questions regarding bio-control of pests and diseases for Montana crops.

Pet Food Safety (No. 2709)

Are you worried about the safety of your pet food? We are too, so we asked Gordon Hardaway, a Bozeman veterinarian, to join the panel and talk about what we should, and shouldn't, be worried about.

Mushrooms! (old) (No. 2710)

Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms! One of our most popular programs returns as Cathy Cripps, mycologist extraordinaire, joins the panel to remind us what is edible and what is not.

MSU College of Agriculture (Sept 2007) (No. 2801)

What educational opportunities does the College of Ag have available for students? Bob Gough, College of Agriculture Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, will discuss this and other topics on Ag Live.

Beef Production & Disease In Montana (No. 2802)

Just how is the brucellosis virus affecting Montana's beef industry? What about the outbreak of hoof and mouth disease in England? Join us as Dr. John Paterson, Extension Beef Specialist, discusses this timely topic.

Transporting Weed Seeds: Danger Or Hype? (No. 2803)

Today Lisa Rew, MSU Weed Scientist, will offer a scientific look at transporting weed seeds on vehicles - is it a real danger or just hype?

The Local Producer's Perspective (No. 2804)

Do you ever wonder about the perspective held by a local farmer or rancher? We will visit with today's guest, Matt Flikkema, a Manhattan-area grain grower, about the everyday issues that he faces as a local producer.

Fire, Drought, and Water In Montana: What's Next? (No. 2805)

After this fire season and another drought year, what is the situation with water in Montana? Join us as Clayton Marlow, MSU Range Ecologist, looks at declining water availability in our state.

MSU College of Ag Curriculum (No. 2806)

How does the College of Agriculture curriculum teach students about the process of beef production from field to table? Gary Brester, MSU economist, will join us today to talk about MSU's innovative program called, "From Conception to Consumption" -- a chance for students to follow beef from Montana to its final destination.