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2006 Archived Episodes

Ag Education In Rural Montana Schools (No. 2501)

The Ag Live panel discusses the status of agricultural education in Montana schools and Christiana Stoddard, Assistant Professor, MSU Department of Agricultural Economics, talks about retaining teachers in Montana's rural public school system.

New Forages for Springtime (No. 2502)

Are you thinking about establishing a new forage crop? Well, you've come to the right place because MSU Range Scientist Dennis Cash will be discussing new forages available in Montana, and will have suggestions for spring establishment techniques.

Food Safety (No. 2503)

Have people stopped coming to your house for dinner? Have your kids spent more time with the doctor (due to food poisoning) than with you? You just might want to tune in when Lynn Paul, Extension Food and Nutrition Specialist, brings us up to date on food safety and food biosecurity.

Estate Planning (No. 2504)

What happens when you really want your grandmother's muskrat coat and it has been willed to Cousin George? Do you really need to decide how your belongings are dispersed when you go? Does a hand-written will suffice legally? Marcia Goetting, MSU Extension Specialist, has the low-down on the latest in estate planning and will be on our panel to give you answers

Following The Grain (No. 2505)

There is a relatively new program available from MSU where participants follow the grain from harvest to its end use in the world market. Interested? Then join us as Dave Buschena, MSU Economist discusses this program called "Following the Grain."

MSU College of Agriculture (No. 2506)

Montana AG Live viewers often wonder about the programs and activities in which the College of Agriculture is involved, and now we have some answers. Dean Jeff Jacobson will join the panel to discuss future initiatives in MSU's College of Agriculture.

Carbon Credits and Greenhouse Gasses (No. 2507)

We have the conservation reserve program. We have loan deficiency payments. We have federal crop insurance. Have you heard about carbon credits? Tune in as Ted Dodge, Director of the National Carbon Offset Coalition, joins the panel to talk about how landowners, corporations, and governments are working together to offset the environmental impact of greenhouse gases.

Mycotoxins In Food Production (No. 2508)

What is a Mycotoxin and how does it affect you? To answer this and other questions, tune in this week as Barry Jacobsen, MSU Extension Plant Pathologist, discusses the role of Mycotoxins in food production.

Mushrooms (No. 2509)

Are these morels or some mushroom that will stunt my growth and poison my dog? Are the mushrooms in my yard edible? I have heard that some tree mushrooms are edible. Which ones? Is there a book I should buy to help me in my search for safe mushrooms? All these questions, and more, are answered when Cathy Cripps joins the panel for Mushrooms, Mushrooms and More Mushrooms.

Season Wrap (No. 2510)

Join us as we wrap up this season of Ag Live ? Hayden, Don Mathre, Perry Miller and Sue Blodgett will be here to answer all of your late season questions about your garden, your crops, and current research at MSU.

Omega-3 Supplements (No. 2601)

Are you taking your Omega-3 supplements? If so, are you taking them for your health, or to benefit Montana agriculture? Great question, and one that Alice Pilgeram of the Bio-based Institute will be addressing on today's program.

End of Spring Wheat In Montana? (No. 2602)

Is spring wheat an endangered species in Montana? Join us as Luther Talbert, one of the nation's foremost spring wheat breeders, talks about what is happening in his fields.

Water Rights Issues (No. 2603)

Water, water everywhere? Well... maybe. Are you one of those who don't have a clue about what is going on with water rights? Or have you heard about water use fees and wondered how that was going to affect you? Chief Water Judge Bruce Loble will be here to sort through some of these, and other water rights issues facing Montana citizens.

Energy Costs In Agriculture (No. 2604)

If you're a typical Montana citizen, you already know how the high cost of energy is affecting you. But, what if you are a producer in this state? Dr. Vince Smith, MSU Economist, will be on the panel for this program to discuss how high energy costs are affecting Montana's farm and ranch economy.

Marketing Strategies for Small Ag Business (No. 2605)

How does an agricultural small business person market goods to the public? What if you are an organic farmer looking for a specific niche market? Dr. Mike Reilly, Marketing Specialist in MSU's College of Business, will be joining the panel to share marketing strategies for Montana's agricultural small businesses.

Governor Schweitzer On Agriculture (No. 2606)

Gov. Brian Schweitzer will bring his own agricultural background, and his plans for the future of agriculture in Montana, to the Montana AG Live table. So, now's your chance to get answers to the questions you may not have been able to directly ask him before. Hear what he has to say about biodiesel, ethanol plants, supporting young farmers, transportation costs, the cattle industry, and more. It is a rare pleasure to have a sitting Governor join us, and to be able to have him talk about this particular industry, so join us for a special Montana Ag Live.