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2005 Archived Episodes

10th Anniversary Special (No. 2301)

Have you become a fan recently of Montana AG Live, or are you a long- time viewer? Either way, now is your chance to share in the celebration of ten years of AG Live - join Hayden and guests as they look back at old friends and revisit bugs, gophers, pesticides and mushrooms. Join us for this retrospective of the first decade of Montana AG Live.

MSU Plant Diagnostic Facilities (No. 2302)

What have the MSU Plant Diagnostic Facilities done for you lately? In fact, what are the MSU Plant Diagnostic Facilities? Join the panel and Nina Zidack as they highlight this aspect of the MSU College of Agriculture.

Economic Development (No. 2303)

Ralph Peck, former director of the Montana Department of Agriculture has joined the MSU faculty and will discuss economic development in the MSU College of Agriculture. With his expertise, Ralph is the man to ask about former Montana legislation and the future outlook for the College of Ag.

Moisture Forecast & West Nile Virus (No. 2304)

How does a winter of below-average moisture affect the potential for West Nile Virus in the coming seasons? Greg Johnson, MSU entomologist, will be on hand to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Montana Horse Industry (No. 2305)

Want to get good information right from the horse's mouth?or at least close to it? Join us as Sandy Gagnon of MSU's Animal and Range Sciences Department talks about the Montana horse industry.

Montana's Agricultural Taxes (No. 2306)

Do you want to know what is happening with Montana's agricultural taxes? Are there any changes you need to know about from the Montana Legislature? Is there any way to lessen your tax bill? Join the Montana Ag Live panel as Doug Young, MSU ag economist, lets us all know what is going on.

Montana's Bio-Fuel and Bio-Lube Research (No. 2307)

Should you know what bio-lube and bio-fuel are? We here at Montana PBS sure can't help you unless you tune in to tonight's Montana Ag Live where Duane Johnson, MSU agronomist, will bring us up to speed on the latest research. Who knows? This may change the way you are doing business!

Agriculture and the 2005 Legislature (No. 2308)

Are you interested in legislative action that affects the Montana agriculture industry? Nancy Peterson, the new Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture, will be here tonight to discuss this past legislative session and what happened that affects Montana's producers and growers.

Livestock Water Quality Issues (No. 2309)

We haven't had Gene Surber, MSU animal and range scientist, on Montana Ag Live for a looong time, so tune in and let him know you have missed him. You can also ask about livestock quality issues!

Water Rights (2005) (No. 2310)

With all the years of drought in Montana, water rights are of extreme importance. Bruce Loble, Chief Judge of the Montana Water Court will join Ag Live tonight to bring us up-to-date on water related issues.

CAFTA Agreement (No. 2401)

Have you heard about the proposed CAFTA agreement or are you wondering what effect it will have on Montana agriculture? If you want answers, join Vince Smith, MSU ag economist, as he leads off our fall schedule of Montana Ag Live. The regulars will be back, so be sure to tune in to learn about CAFTA and other issues brought up by our viewers.

The Montana Barley Community (No. 2402)

There is an expansion going on in the Montana barley community and Tom Blake, a plant sciences professor from MSU, will join the panel to talk about what?s new, what?s planned and what?s going on. We will also be answering viewer questions so be sure to drop us an email or call in to get your question to our panel.

Montana's Magical Mushrooms (No. 2403)

Have you been walking out by the river and seen what you think are morels? Not sure if you can eat them? Did you know that boletes or chanterelles are fall mushrooms, while morels are found in the spring? Tune in this week as Cathy Cripps, the Mushroom Guru of MSU, shares tales of Montana's magical mushrooms.

Sustainable Agriculture in Montana (No. 2404)

Are sustainable agriculture and total environmental protection feasible in Montana? Join Perry Miller this week as he talks about sustainable agriculture in Montana and how the MSU Extension Service is helping Montana producers explore these concepts for their operations.

New Crops In Montana (No. 2405)

While Montana is known for its grain crops, are there other crops we should explore to get the most from our land? What practices would change if a producer changed crops? Alice Pilgrim, the co-director of MSU?s Bio-based Institute will bring viewers up-to-date on what?s new in Montana.

Montana Wheat Around The World (No. 2406)

How extensive is the Montana Wheat market, are there marketing practices wheat growers should be using, what are the strengths of new crops? Luther Talbert will join the panel to talk about where our wheat goes and why it is so popular in the world market.