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2004 Archived Episodes

Beef Concerns (No. 2101)

John Paterson, MSU faculty member and Extension specialist in beef and cattle, and other experts discuss Mad Cow Disease and Brucellosis, and take viewer's phoned-in questions.

Biological Control of Weeds (No. 2102)

Jeff Littlefield, MSU professor and entomologist, is guest, and the topic is biological control of weeds. Littlefield and other experts answer the audience s phoned-in questions.

Bugging Noxious Weeds (No. 2103)

Littlefield is an MSU entomologist. He and the Ag Live panel discuss the use of insects to help control Montana's noxious weeds.

Crystal Ball for Ag Education (No. 2104)

Guest Jacobsen, interim dean of the MSU-Bozeman College of Agriculture, and the Ag Live panelists discuss what's in the cards for the college's next decade.

Today's Beef Industry In Montana (No. 2105)

Paterson, Montana State University Extension beef specialist, and the Ag Live panel discuss the effects of mad cow disease and brucellosis on the state s beef industry.

Human/Animal Diseases (No. 2106)

Harmsen, head of the Veterinary Molecular Biology Department at MSU-Bozeman, and the Ag Live panel discuss diseases that harm two- and four-legged animals alike.

Changing Trends In Cereal/Grain Production (No. 2107)

Biggerstaff, vice president of research and development at WestBred, Bozeman-headquartered plant breeders, discusses changing trends in cereal production and new-technology grains with the Ag Live panel.

Increasing Property Value with Landscaping (No. 2108)

Pohl, MSU-Bozeman professor and landscape architect, and the Ag Live panel discuss how to increase the value of property with landscaping.

Mushrooms In Montana (No. 2109)

Last year's drought and fires should make this a banner year for morels and other edible mushrooms. For tips on safe mushroom hunting and selection and a quick course in fungi biology, join guest Cathy Cripps, MSU-Bozeman mycologist, and the Ag Live panel.

Wildfire Outlook (No. 2110)

Kolb, MSU Extension forestry specialist, and the Ag Live panel will address the topic, "Fires, insects and diseases in Montana forests: Why the situation is getting worse. He will suggest ways in which we can help preserve our forests.

Honey and Honeybee Production In Montana (No. 2201)

Montana Ag Live inaugurates its 11th season with a honey of a program: Dave Baumbauer, manager of the plant growth center at Montana State University - Bozeman and director of the university's Plant Growth Center, and the Ag Live panel discuss hobby beekeeping in Montana and answer viewers' called-in questions about crops and gardens.

Alfalfa: Fall Care and Its Importance to Montana (No. 2202)

Alfalfa is one of our backbone crops and contributes much to the overall health of our agricultural community, although its importance is often overlooked. Tune in as Dennis Cash, professor of forage management, at Montana State University - Bozeman, talks about alfalfa and how to take care of it through the fall and winter. With the rest of the Ag Live panel, he'll take viewers' questions.

Non-Traditional Weed Control Methods (No. 2203)

Are you looking for weed control but dissatisfied with traditional methods? Have questions about organic and biological weed control? We may have just the answers you need this week on Montana Ag Live when MSU - Bozeman professor Bruce Maxwell, an expert in weeds, joins our panel.

Montana's Research Centers (No. 2204)

Jeff Jacobsen, new dean of the Department of Agriculture at MSU - Bozeman and head of the Montana Agricultural Research Centers, joins Hayden and the crew to talk about the MSU College of Agriculture, the research centers, and the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station.

Montana's West Nile Virus Risk Assessment (No. 2205)

Thanks to all the buzz about the danger of West Nile Virus to people and livestock, Montana Ag Live asked Bob Peterson, MSU - Bozeman entomologist and risk analysis specialist, to give our audience the latest about the virus and how to minimize the chance of acquiring it.

Garden Invaders (No. 2206)

Feel invaded by non-native plants in your fields, yard or favorite recreation area? Is exotic greenery creeping into your garden, climbing your outside walls? If so, tune in to hear MSU - Bozeman weed scientist and ecologist Lisa Rew talk about Montana's non-native species problems and answer our questions about these invaders.