Campaign for the Future

Well on the road to a digital world where content is king and delivery systems are changing, MontanaPBS has developed a vision that will allow us to serve the state with new technologies, new and expanded local programming and a Future fund that will ensure service to the state of Montana for years to come.

To realize our ambitious vision for the 21st century, MontanaPBS has put forth a Campaign for the Future seeking pace-setting gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations that share MontanaPBSā€™s values and aspirations.

Future Fund

The Future Fund is an investment fund to ensure the long term health and planning ability of MontanaPBS. MontanaPBS will use some interest and a portion of this fund to purchase programs, deliver its signal across the state, and operate its service on a daily basis. It is the cornerstone of this campaign and will assure service beyond our lifetimes.

Montana Made Programs

Celebrating the individual spirit and beauty of Montana, this fund will continue and expand local programs like Backroads of Montana, 11th and Grant with Eric Funk, C.M. Russell and The American West, Mavericks, Bozeman Trail, and more. This fund will support our producers and eventually provide seed money to partner with Montana's ever growing population of independent producers.