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2008 Archived Episodes

Terrabytes "The Final Frontier"

The mysteries of the cosmos have inspired scientists and artists for centuries. In this episode, we take a past, present, and future trip to the moon and explore the origins of the universe with Einstein.

Water Carriers

The Water Carriers is the story of Callie Blackwood, an American engineering student, and Nina Omwereme Oyamo, a 23-year old woman from the Shirali region of southwestern Kenya. The lives of these two women, from altogether different circumstances, intersect as Callie travels to Kenya along with an organization known as Engineers Without Borders. Their mission: to install an aquifer-driven well in the hopes of delivering clean drinking water to the Shirali area.

Pablo's Hippos

At the abandoned villa of Pablo Escobar in Colombia live a herd of wild hippopotami. How did they get there and what will happen to them?

Ranching The New West

Duke Phillips believes that if a coyote kills a calf, you don't kill the coyote, you get rid of the mother. Phillips represents a new breed of rancher with some ideas that seem pretty strange, but, oddly enough, find their wisdom in the past.