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2006 Archived Episodes

Henry Wood Elliot: Defender of the Fur Seal

In the twenty years following the United States' acquisition of the Alaska territory, revenues from the Pribilof Island fur seal harvest paid off the 7.2 million dollar purchase price. This documentary uncovers this little-known piece of American history told through the story of Henry Wood Elliott, an artist and naturalist who produced some of the earliest images of the Pribilof fur seal harvest, wrote the first detailed account of the northern fur seal's life history and who many regard as the man who saved the northern fur seal from extinction. Produced by Paul Hillman.

View from the Shore

Now that we have celebrated the 200th anniversary of the trek of Lewis and Clark across western America, we are left with some provocative questions regarding their role in American and Native American history. We've celebrated the feats of these great white explorers and their expedition, but how did Lewis and Clark impact the Native Americans' sense of history? This program looks at Lewis and Clark from the point of view of Native Americans, and how their journey has affected their own past, present and future.

Wings Over the Wild: Lighthawk in Mesoamerica

Sometimes a bird's-eye view makes all the difference. Combining a love of flight with a passion for wild places, a growing number of pilots fly volunteer missions over vibrant and threatened lands. This film introduces you to pilots who devote their time off to fly above the Mesoamerican isthmus with LightHawk, a conservation aviation organization. You're in the co-pilot's seat on a fascinating journey to Costa Rica, where you visit the famed sea turtle jetliner pilot, fly a group of indigenous women over the area where the Costa Rican government has plans to erect what would be Central America's largest dam. With a view from above, the stakes for development at the expense of the natural ecosystem and its inhabitants look even higher. Produced by Kelly Matheson and Dennis Aig.

America's Underwater Heritage: Secret of Lake Mead

The wreck of once-lost B-29 Bomber No. 45-21847, which disappeared in 1948, is discovered and documented underwater by an NPS elite team of archeologists. This episode features the preservation work of the Submerged Cultural Resources Center. Produced by Ronald Tobias, Larry Murphy and Barry Sulam.

Abalone Odyssey

First Nation inhabitants have depended upon marine resources for thousands of years in the Pacific Northwest. Now an important ecological and cultural symbol of sustainability, the pinto abalone, is being pushed to the brink of survival. But this community is responding - combining traditional knowledge, modern science, and old-fashioned elbow grease to challenge the forces of extinction. This grassroots effort is an inspiring micro-model for what could ultimately be done on a global scale. Produced by Simon Schneider, Brian Hendricks, Mark Schneider.

Terrabytes Underdogs

This episode features biological underdogs battling to survive in difficult conditions. The North American Beaver and the Pacific Fisher polulations are finally rebounding from devastating habitat loss, but are the odds still stacked against them. Finally, what can we learn from one of biology's ultimate underdogs, hot springs panic grass, which grows in near-toxic conditions in Yellowstone National Park? Three short films make up this "Terrabytes" episode, consisting of "Leave it to the Beavers" by Amanda Grue, "Tracking the Pacific Fisher" by Thomas Winston, and "Plants" by Edward Watkins.

Terrabytes: Wolves

This "Terrabytes" episode showcases wolves from three very unique perspectives. First, have the wolves in Yellowstone National Park become too popular for their own good? Wolf-watchers and biologists sound off. Next, on the other side of the world, we look at the role wolves have played in Japanese history -- what brought about the transformation from revered deities to cursed villains? And, finally, we investigate the complex and sometimes competitive relationship between wolves, elk and hunters in the state of Montana. Produced by Tracy Graziano, Jen Shoemaker and Monica Pinzon.

America's Underwater Heritage: USS Arizona

The wreck of the warship USS Arizona, bombed at the invasion of Pearl Harbor, is explored underwater by an NPS elite team of archeologists. This program features the preservation work of the Submerged Cultural Resources Center.

Terrabytes: Animal Conflicts

What happens when human needs conflict with animal needs? First, hear from both sides about the controversial reintroduction of the Bison hunt in Montana. Next, ecologists evaluate the impact of roads and vehicles on Montana's wildlife. Finally, we see how these apparent conflicts might be resolved by being introduced to a progressive group of hunters dedicated to conservation. Produced by Elliot Kennerson, Anne Devereux and Tom Winston.

The Last Run

Pacific Northwest Salmon populations in Northern California are at 10 percent of their levels of one hundred years ago. These salmon are a keystone species and the vital link between land and sea -- as well as being the livelihood of the Yurok people. Will the salmon disappear as scientists predict, or can they be saved through grassroots conservation efforts? Produced by Owen Bissell.