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Stories From Montana's Future

Blackfeet Country

“Blackfeet Country" presents three powerful films showcasing the talent of Browning High School students on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. "Browning Rising Voices" features an inspirational poetry club, where students express their unique perspectives. Two fictional films, "Aisitsimsta (Imagination)" and "The Last Day", explore the hopes and dreams of a new generation in Blackfeet Country.

Lewis & Clark County

"Stories from Montana's Future: Lewis & Clark County" presents several award-winning student films from Helena and East Helena. These are powerful stories about a sense of place, surviving tough times, the healing power of art, and the enduring bonds of friendship. The films showcase the incredible creative talent of Montana teenagers. All films produced by instruction from MAPS Media Institute.

About the Show

This series showcases the filmmaking talent of high school students from across Montana. The films are the result of a partnership between Browning High School and MAPS Media Institute.