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Or Perish In The Attempt

The story of the medicine of Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery.
Or Perish in the AttemptOr Perish in the Attempt
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The story of the medicine of Lewis & Clark.

About the Show

The story of the medicine of Lewis & Clark. Using the best medical knowledge of 1803, Captains Meriwether Lewis & William Clark were the physicians for the Corps of Discovery expedition. Before the expedition departed, Benjamin Rush, a leading American doctor of the time, gave Lewis a two-week crash course in medicine, the best available at the time. With no knowledge of bacteria, viruses, parasites, antisepsis, or even how many of the internal organs functioned, Lewis & Clark doctored themselves, their men, Sacagawea, her baby, and the native peoples they visited. Throughout the three years, 1803 – 1806, of wilderness travel, they treated snakebites, STDs, dysentery, frostbite, dislocated joints, gunshot, ax gashes, mental illness, and more. Remarkably, in spite of the relatively poor medical care, all but one member of the company returned home. Based on the book by David J. Peck, DO., Or Perish in The Attempt helps us understand what they did, why they did it, what was almost always wrong with it, as well as some long distance diagnosis to get a sense of what medical science would do in the present day.