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Love Is The Journey: The Montana Logging And Ballet Company

First Aired Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watch the final televised performance of the Montana Logging and Ballet Company after 37 years of touring. This program was filmed live in Helena, Montana and includes interviews and the history of the group.

Love is the Journey: The Montana Logging and Ballet Company

Love is the Journey: The Montana Logging and Ballet Company

Rating: NR

Final televised performance of the Montana Logging and Ballet Company.

The Montana Logging and Ballet Company (fondly known as the Montana Logging and Ballet Company) began in the mid 1970’s as a typical neighborhood logging and ballet company. But soon they became what the Christian Science Monitor called “not your ordinary logging and ballet company.” Where did they go wrong? All over the country they forged a place for themselves in the world. Show after show they offered heart-warming political satire, and tender side-splitting harmonies. In the confusion audiences tried to drown them out with whatever noise they could make.

Mistaking it for applause, the group kept on, proving that in the face of serious world problems, hope and love are steadfast, but giddy silliness is downright infectious. For 37 years they succeeded in ignoring the reality of their plight, creating a unique blend of music, comedy, thoughtfulness and catastrophe, until finally it dawned on them that people were laughing at them, and they quit—although some delusional fans hope the MLBC is not gone forever but only in remission. This recording is of their final concert, in Helena Montana. "Love is the Journey" The Montana Logging Ballet Company is this performance. Along with interviews, archival photos and footage we ask that you enjoy it, but be warned: it will be injurious to your hard-won cynicism and despair.

Love is the Journey
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Tim Holmes
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Rusty Harper
Bob FitzGerald

Executive Producer
John Mudd

Produced and Directed By
Tyson Bierwag & Kagan Yochim

Produced by KUFM TV / MontanaPBS
Executive Producer Wiliam Marcus