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Landscapes of a Western Mind: The Story of Ivan Doig


Landscapes of a Western Mind The Story of Ivan Doig

"Landscapes of a Western Mind" explores the prolific work, cultural impact, and profound legacy of Montana author Ivan Doig.

As said by The New York Times, Ivan Doig "immortalized his Rocky Mountain roots in 16 celebrated books of both fiction and nonfiction." Doig’s work focuses on the people and landscapes of postwar America, with settings ranging from Alaska’s coast to the Rocky Mountain Front, Oregon, and the Puget Sound. The literature explores "the uncertainties of love and friendship, of forest fires and blizzards." Ivan Doig was often referred to as the "Dean of Western Writers" though he preferred not to be categorized so simply. As said by Doig, "Taking apart a career in such summary sentences always seems to me like dissecting a frog, some of the life inevitably goes out of it. I don’t think of myself as a ‘western’ writer. To me, language — the substance on the page, that poetry under the prose — is the ultimate ‘region,’ the true home, for a writer.

Partners and Fundraising

Montana based 4:08 Productions will be helming the production of the film. 4:08 has produced nationally acclaimed, award-winning documentaries featuring artists like the Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, and Jason Mraz.

MontanaPBS will be a production partner, providing Aaron Pruitt and Scott Sterling as Executive Producers. The station will also manage the domestic U.S. and International Distribution of the film. Kenning Arlitsch, Dean of The Montana State University Library, is incredibly excited about the project and has offered unparalleled support and access of the archives.

This proposed project has a production budget of approximately $157,000.

To donate to this project, please contact Aaron Pruitt or Kristina Martin or call us at 406-994-3437.

About Ivan Doig

Ivan Doig was a third-generation Montanan, and the award-winning author of 16 books. He was described by The New York Times as "a presiding figure in the literature of the American West," winning the Wallace Stegner Award and becoming a prestigious National Book Award finalist. We are not far removed from the days of the old West, and Ivan Doig explores the remnants of Montana’s frontier, and the characters in its changing landscape. He grew up in the real American West, and throughout his career, battled against the Western caricatures and stereotypes that dominated theatres, televisions, and novels. Doig captured the landscapes and characters he chose in a precise, yet poetic style that audiences around the world are still marveling at. His style was unparalleled. In an era so inundated with exclamation and exaggeration, Doig’s capacity to capture ordinary heroes so powerfully and poetically, is particularly important.

Thank You To Our Funders

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