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Burgers, Fries & Family Ties

The Richwine's Burgerville Story

About the Show

Richwine's Burgerville in Polson, Montana, is one of those rare family-run, blast-from-the-past, drive-in restaurants of yore. Purchased by Enoch and Lucille Richwine in 1962 as a means to support their family, this storied local eatery still does things the way they used to 59 years later. Each bull meat burger patty is still hand-pressed by Jeremy Richwine on the gadget his father, Shane, and grandfather, Enoch, used thousands of times over the decades. Enoch and Lucille's daughter, Marcia, now runs Richwine's with an inspiring level of commitment to excellence that makes this eatery stand out on a national level.

The idea for Burgers, Fries & Family Ties, came to local film producer David W. King after eating perhaps his 50th Cheeseburger Deluxe at Richwine's Burgerville. Over a period of 18 months, King shot behind-the-scenes of Burgerville's finely-tuned operation, which is akin to an acrobatic ballet in tight quarters. The key to Richwine's Burgerville's success? King offers, "The wonderful people who have made Richwine's Burgerville one of America's best family-run restaurants for well over half a century. Burgers, Fries & Family Ties is our love letter to Richwine's Burgerville!"