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Bring Them Home/Iniskim

Bring Them Home / Iniskim are two short films that were shot simultaneously on the 2016 fall Blackfeet buffalo drive. Bring Them Home is an intimate documentary about the only indigenous tribal-led buffalo drive in North America. It follows members of the Blackfeet Nation as they experience the power of the American bison while driving their herd through rough terrain and hostile weather to their winter pasture -- a rare ritual of stewardship that brings hope for a modern-day cultural rebirth.

Iniskim is a fiction film inspired by a true story that follows a young Blackfeet girl's journey from trauma to recovery. By reconnecting with the ancient power of the buffalo, the timeless landscape of her ancestors, and the wisdom of her culture, her life is changed forever. Iniskim features original music by Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and a script co-written by Daniel Glick, Craig Falcon, Lauren Monroe, and Sarah Clarke. It stars 2019's Miss Blackfeet, Alia Heavyrunner.

Both films were made possible in part by the Big Sky Film Grant.