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Trout Grass

First Aired Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This unique film documents the transformation of bamboo from a hardy species of grass into a meticulously crafted split cane fly rod. Shot on location in the lush forests of Southern China and the majestic rivers of Montana, the program captures the allure of craftsmanship and rivers as well as the notion that fishing is about much more than catching fish. Follow the journey of a remarkable plant through the hands-on approach to a century-old tradition as master rod maker Glenn Brackett (Twin Bridges, Mont.) transforms a single bamboo pole into a stunning three-ounce fly rod. From the hands of a builder to the hands of an angler, we follow narrator David James Duncan (The River Why, The Brothers K) and fly fishing legend Thomas McGuane (The Longest Silence, Ninety-two in the Shade) to one of Montana's resplendent waterways. Here, these two anglers reveal the magic of fishing with a fly rod made of grass and connecting with the order of rivers and flowing things.