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Seasons Of The Otter

First Aired Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Otters are so proficient at capturing the fish they live on that they have lots of time left over for play. And they seem to play with reckless abandon, sliding down steep canyons in deep snow and swimming under the ice in Yellowstone Lake. They submerge us into the lake to find strange underwater spires only recently discovered by man. Other creatures sometimes survive bitter winter seasons by stealing fish from the otter. Actually, they're pretty good at defending themselves, and this program catches some astonishing action between them and coyotes, eagles, beaver, and even an occasional grizzly bear. Seasons of the Otter is produced by Bob Landis and Dale Johnson, and presented by KUSM/MontanaPBS, MSU Bozeman.


Montana PBS does not sell this program. To purchase a DVD copy of this program contact Trailwood Films at (806) 224-5868.

otter family on log

Otter family on log. Mother, two pups and past off-spring.
Credit: Bob Landis

otter shaking after fishing

Otter shaking after emerging from fishing.
Credit: Bob Landis

otter swimming across Trout Lake

Otter swimming across Trout Lake.
Credit: Bob Landis