Season 12 Archived Episodes (2003)

Libby: The Continuing Fallout (No. 1201)

It has been almost two years since Gov. Martz used Montana's one and only "silver bullet" superfund option for the cleanup of asbestos-contaminated soil in Libby's yards, school grounds and businesses. The deadly tremolite asbestos from the bankrupt W.R. Grace vermiculite mine has claimed the lives of former workers and members of their families and other residents of the town. Gene Brodeur brings us up to date on EPA cleanup efforts, and talks with Libby residents who are dealing with the often fatal and as yet untreatable side effects of asbestos poisoning. (First Aired Wednesday, September 17, 2003)

Education Upgrade (No. 1202)

A coalition of educators is urging Gov. Martz to spend some of a $50 million federal windfall on K-12 education. Gene Brodeur talks with educators and lawmakers to gauge the group's chances of getting $14 million set aside to ensure that certain fundamental programs won't be cut. (First Aired Thursday, October 09, 2003)

Deregulation: The Free Fall Continues (No. 1203)

Can things get much worse for troubled NorthWestern Corporation? The picture is not bright. The company filed for bankruptcy after its stock plummeted from $21 dollars a share to just 61 cents. Gene Brodeur visits with members of the Public Service Commission and the Montana Consumer Council about future delivery of energy to some 300, 000 NorthWestern Energy customers in Montana. Produced by Gene Brodeur for KUSM-Montana PBS, MSU-Bozeman, (406) 994-3437. (First Aired Thursday, October 23, 2003)

American Indian Issues In Montana (No. 1204)

Tribal members on Montana's seven Reservations are dealing with cultural preservation, water rights, and crowded classrooms. Gene Brodeur visits with leaders of the Indian community about accomplishments and challenges as the country celebrates Native American Heritage Month. Produced by Gene Brodeur for KUSM - Montana PBS, MSU-Bozeman, (406) 994-3437. (First Aired Thursday, November 06, 2003)

Medicaid: A Train Wreck Waiting to Happen? (No. 1205)

Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns told his colleagues at the Western Governors Conference in Big Sky that the medicaid train had already left the tracks. Health Care providers in Montana discuss the soaring cost of health care as more and more people turn to public assistance for medical services. Produced by Gene Brodeur for KUSM - Montana PBS, MSU-Bozeman, (406) 994-3437. (First Aired Thursday, November 13, 2003)