Montana Mosaics: 20th Century People And Events

A series of educational programs detailing a century of fascinating Montana history. From the first homesteaders to arrive in the Big Sky, to the contemporary artists and shifting economies that will shape the years to come. Produced by the Montana Historical Society.

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Archived Episodes

Ethnic Diversity, Arts and Humanities In Montana (No. 105)

This episode reveals that Montana was, and still is, a patchwork of peoples from all across the globe. The second half of the program shows how that ethnic diversity has contributed to Montana's rich history of art. The program visits the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts and profiles painter Ernie Pepion. (First Aired Thursday, October 22, 2009)

History of Montana's Native Americans (No. 104)

This episode details the Federal and State policies that sought to strip Native Americans of their culture and traditions; first, the boarding schools for Indian children; later, it was a policy of re-locating adult Native Americans to jobs in the cities. (First Aired Thursday, November 12, 2009)

Homesteading/The Great Depression/Resource Economy (No. 103)

This episode begins with the homesteading that carved Montana out of the wild frontier, it details the affects the National Depression had on the state and it follows the rise of Montana's resource-driven economy after World War II. (First Aired Thursday, October 22, 2009)

History of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company (No. 102)

This episode documents the rise and the fall of a company credited with creating the state's economy but criticized for the environmental toll it took on the land. (First Aired Wednesday, November 04, 2009)

Jeannette Rankin/Montana's Constitutional Congress (No. 101)

This episode details important political moments in Montana. It begins with a biographical account of Jeannette Rankin and the political stand she took in opposition to World War I and World War II. The second half of the program consists of excerpts from "For This and Future Generations," a documentary about Montana's Constitutional Congress. The excerpts show how ordinary people came together in the 70's to do something extraordinary - rewrite the state's constitution. (First Aired Thursday, September 03, 2009)