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2006 Archived Episodes

Growing Pains? (No. 802)

A proposed ski resort near a small town south of Missoula raises difficult questions. How do prospering Montana towns handle issues of growth, planning and the environment? Western Montana citizens and business owners discuss the possible changes in store for their communities. Produced by students of the Radio-TV Department, The University of Montana, faculty advisor John Twiggs.

Big Sky Artists (No. 803)

This episode celebrates Montanans' diverse artistic talents. We'll meet seven artisans who work in mediums as temporary as wedding cakes to the permanence of tattoo ink. We'll see projects ranging in size from large welded sculptures to tiny clay figurines. Produced by the students of the UM Radio-TV Department, John Twiggs faculty advisor, for KUFM-TV/MontanaPBS, UM Missoula.

Anatomy of a Campaign (No. 901)

The Burns/Tester U.S. Senate campaign is one of the most widely followed races in the country. This program goes behind the scenes to meet the professional decision makers and volunteers who work for their chosen candidate. Produced by the students of the Radio-Television Department, The University of Montana - Missoula.