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Ethnic Flavors (No. 1602)

First Aired Thursday, February 06, 2014

While Montana's population may not be very diverse, its food choices certainly are.

Montana Journal

Ethnic Flavors (No. 1602)

Rating: TV-G

Five ethnic restaurants from around Montana.

While Montana’s population may not be very diverse, its food choices certainly are. This episode shares the stories of five ethnic restaurants across the state and the people who bring their menus to life. They each face challenges in a highly competitive business while assimilating in a different culture. In Bozeman, a husband and wife team blend their talents to bring authentic Iraqi food to the Gallatin Valley. They use family recipes to add a bit of the Middle East to Montana. An immigrant from India helped fill a void on the Billings menu by offering Indian cuisine and whenever he gets the chance he’ll talk about his culture as well. He also hopes to pass this tradition and culture to the next generation of his family. A hard working woman from Thailand took a huge risk in starting her own restaurant, but loyal customers in Missoula are glad she did. She has become a shining example of a successful family run business. The show also makes a stop in Dillon to sample original Mexican food served in a unique location, and we’ll also taste of bit of Native American food in St. Ignatius.