2011 Archived Episodes

Homeless Schooling (No. 801)

They’re not as visible as the homeless populations in large metropolitan areas of the country, but the growing number of homeless families in Montana face the same daily challenges of finding food and shelter. More often than not, homeless kids don’t have a place to study, or sleep. They show up for school hungry, and are expected to compete for higher grades with students who are much better off, financially. But, some are lucky enough have counselors to help them get through the challenges that they face each day. Homeless liaisons, like Heather Denny at Bozeman High School, are offering academic guidance as well as improving their job skills and continuing their education. Denny, who speaks first hand about being homeless, is the “go to person” for everything from completing high school to going to the prom.

Montana Focus follows homeless students from around the state, documenting their challenges, struggles, and successes. How prepared will they be to complete K through 12, get that high school diploma, and attend the university or college of their choice? You might be surprised.