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2008 Archived Episodes

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The Winter Use Plan for Yellowstone (No. 502)

Starting this winter, the only way to get into Yellowstone National Park on a snowmobile will be with a registered guide. Montana Focus looks at the impact of the long-term winter management guide for the Park. Will it be quieter and less polluted? Bozeman Daily Chronicle reporter Scott McMillion talks about the winter use plan and other hot button issues in Yellowstone. And, artists from around the country display their work at the Holter Museum in Helena based on the theme "Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate." The hate literature was confiscated from Richard Butler's Church of the Creator, and used to create works for the exhibit.

Coming Home (No. 503)

The transition from a war zone in Iraq to back home in Montana isn't easy. Montana Focus looks at critical issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and other challenges facing war veterans in a rural state. Lee Newspapers' capitol correspondent Mike Dennison covers the 2008 political season. And, the Bridger high school band wins a top Grammy competition for music excellence. Produced by Gene Brodeur and Scott Sterling for KUSM-MontanaPBS, MSU-Bozeman, (406) 994-3437.

The Race for Governor (No. 504)

The economy, coal development, and health care are driving the gubernatorial contest in our state. Montana Focus samples voter sentiment as the candidates head into the home stretch to stump for support in the 2008 election.

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