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backroads of montana

Harlo and Huntley (No. 134)

First Aired May 23, 2011

Since 1991, the Backroads crew has traveled across Montana visiting its unique people and places. The series airs regularly on MontanaPBS.

Backroads of Montana

(No. 134) Harlo to Huntley

Rating: TV-G

A threshing bee in Huntley, a theatre in Harlowtown, and a gathering in Grass Range.

The Backroads crew attends the annual threshing bee in Huntley to visit a simpler era when hay wagons were piled high and steam ruled the prairie. At the Harlo Theatre in Harlowton, students run everything from popcorn sales to projectors, proving there's more to this little theatre than box office returns. In Grass Range, we'll meet a group of folks who come from miles around one Sunday every month for a sense of community and nostalgia - and because they love to dance.

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