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Havre to Hamilton (No. 107)

First Aired November 1, 1995

Since 1991, the Backroads crew has traveled across Montana visiting its unique people and places. The series airs regularly on MontanaPBS.

Backroads of Montana

(No. 107) Havre to Hamilton

Rating: TV-G

From Havre to Hamilton.

This program takes us to Havre Beneath the Streets, to the Pitchfork Fondue in Chinook, shows us the Shiniest Oldsmobile on Earth in Butte, and introduces us to Hamilton jazz pianist Jean Wrobel.

Program Updates
Havre Beneath the Streets is still open and has some new exhibits. Frank DeRosa, the friendly gentlemen who guided us beneath the streets, passed away in March 2005. Lloyd Wolery, the Pitchfork Fondue King died in 2017. That abandoned railroad trestle has become perilously rusted and weakened by the Montana weather. Jazz pianist Jean Wrobel, the "Jewel of the Bitterroot Valley" died in 2004, and Bob Corbett, the proud designer of the Shiniest Oldsmobile on Earth died in January, 2008.