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Polaris to Joliet (No. 103)

First Aired May 1, 1992

Since 1991, the Backroads crew has traveled across Montana visiting its unique people and places. The series airs regularly on MontanaPBS.

Backroads of Montana

(No. 103) Polaris to Joliet

Rating: TV-G

From Polaris to Joliet, Ruby River Valley, Sleigh, Double Arrow Ranch, Seeley Lake, School

Host William Marcus takes us to the Polar Bar in Polaris, to an archaeology dig in the Ruby River Valley, to a family ranching operation near Joliet, along for a sleigh ride near Victor, to view Ippisch's Nativity near Nine Mile School, to Bannack (Montana's first capital), and to the Double Arrow Ranch in Seeley Lake.

Program Updates
The Polar Bar in Polaris was one of those places that we discovered on our way to someplace else.  We returned to do that story just in time. Walt Melcher, the gritty cowboy who entertained his guests with the songs of his youth sold the bar’s liquor license and closed up shop soon after our visit.  Walt died in June of 1997. He was 91. Les Ippisch died in 2005; Hanneke in 2012.  The 9-Mile Schoolhouse and Teacherage in Huson is listed on Airbnb. The Christmas sale was discontinued.