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The Blokes (No. 404)

First Aired Thursday, February 26, 2009

Folk music oftentimes relies on its ability to carry and tell a good story. It becomes especially powerful when you have a charismatic folk singer "bringing it on." Tonight's group, The Blokes, reveals the down-home magic of Keith Lawrie, a yarn spinner who moved to Montana 20 years ago from Australia, and has been working his magic across Montana to the delight of music loving audiences for quite awhile. We thought "11th & Grant" was the perfect vehicle to bring you up close and personal to this direct-from-the-heart artist and his band. Settle back and prepare yourselves to be delighted with The Blokes.

11th and Grant

The Blokes

Rating: TV-G

Kieth Lawrie, Matt McCool and Dick Dillof perform Australian Folk music.