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Jim Salestrom (No. 1406)

Jim Salestrom
11th and Grant

Jim Salestrom

Rating: TV-G

Internationally renowned singer and songwriter Jim Salestrom performs.

Internationally renowned singer, songwriter and performer Jim Salestrom takes the stage on 11th & Grant. Jim’s storied career includes performances and recordings with Dolly Parton, John Denver, Jimmy Ibbotson, Kenny Rogers, Emmylou Harris, and countless other legendary artists. Meeting new folks and sharing his songs and stories have taken Jim around the world, where he writes compelling music based on his experiences, putting emotional depth front and center.  He says, “I try to write thought-provoking songs that will get people to take a look at their lives, songs to make you laugh or cry, tunes with family values about the way I was raised”. He has played for 4 U.S. Presidents and at the Supreme court, regularly sings the National Anthem at ball parks, and continues his musical adventure that began at 15 years old. Jim Salestrom shares his touching music and notable life story on 11th & Grant.