Travel and Entertainment Policy

Article I: General

  1. All travel expenses associated with annual budgeted meetings are to be paid by the Friends within these guidelines.

  2. Allowable travel and entertainment expenses need to be included in the current budget, unless otherwise approved.

  3. Transportation, air travel and hotel costs will be the most economical in terms of direct cost to the Friends.

Article II: Travel Justification

Travel reimbursement, when not already included in the budget, will need to be discussed and approved prior to travel.

Article III: Travel Advance and Travel Payment

  1. In most cases, conference registration fees and airline travel costs should be reserved and paid in advance. If possible, utilize the Friends First Interstate Bank MasterCard for payment. Attach copies of the vendor invoice/order form showing amount paid, name of traveler/registrant, dates of travel/conference, if possible, for future budgeting purposes.

  2. Hotel charges are to be paid by the Friends’ Mastercard.

  3. All other travel costs such as: taxi, meals, entertainment and incidentals should be paid for by the traveler at the time of the expense and not charged to the Friends Mastercard.

  4. Travel advances may be obtained. Applications for travel advances should be submitted at least ten (10) working days in advance of the departure date. Advances will be given for amounts greater than $50.00. The Operations Treasurer will review and approve payment of travel advances.

  5. Reimbursement for unexpected and unbudgeted expenses will require the approval of the Finance and Audit Committee.

Article IV: Hotel Rates

Hotel reservations for annual meetings will be brokered for lowest rates, and those rates will be paid in full by the Friends, excluding personal upgrades.

Article V: Personal Vehicle Mileage Rates

  1. Mileage reimbursement will be based on “IRS Standard Mileage Rates.” Current rates can be located at

  2. Distances for mileage reimbursement can be calculated using for exact mileage.

Article VI: Meal Allowance Rates

  1. To be eligible for a meal reimbursement while traveling on official business: the traveler must have been in a “travel status” for more than three hours within the meal timeframe, and be a distance of at least fifteen (15) miles from headquarters or home, whichever is closer.

  2. In the event that meals are included in a registration fee, no additional meal allowance will be made.

  3. A receipt for meals is not necessary to obtain reimbursement.

  4. Meals will be reimbursed based on the federal GSA Per Diem Rates, which can be calculated here:

Article VII: Lodging Expense

  1. Many hotels and motels have discounts. Travelers are? to inquire about available discounts.

  2. In order to claim lodging reimbursement, attach an original receipt to the Travel Expense Report, if possible.

Article VIII: PR and Promotional Entertainment Expense

  1. Friends’ business entertainment expenses of $50.00 or less are allowable when falling within budget guidelines and previously discussed and approved.

  2. Friends’ business entertainment expenses exceeding $50.00 must be approved by Treasurer in advance.

  3. Alcohol expenditures must be approved in advance from the Treasurer.

Article IX: Other Expense

Itemized original receipts are required when a traveler incurs any OTHER expense of $25.00 or more per day. Contact the Treasurer for approval.

Article X: Travel and Entertainment Expense Report

  1. Travel Expense Reports must be submitted to the Treasurer within ten (10) days after the trip has been completed.

  2. Original receipts should accompany the Travel Expense Report if travel arrangements are not made by the Friends.

  3. If a travel or entertainment advance was received, record and deduct it from the gross total of expenditures.

Last updated and approved by the Friends of MontanaPBS board on August 15th, 2014