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The Hard Way

The Hard Way is an uplifting story about the human drive to continue doing what we love late into life. At 89, Bob Hayes still ran nearly every day.

Hard Way

Hard Way

Rating: TV-G

The Hard Way follows Bob Hayes (at 89) as he trains for the Bighorn 50k ultramarathon.

"I don't need to do things the easy way, I need to do things the hard way because I have the time and it keeps me in shape," Hayes said. When he's not running, he's cutting his own firewood by hand, hauling hay to his cattle or tapping his maple tree for syrup. After caring for his wife who died from Alzheimer's Disease, Bob Hayes forges ahead and continues his active and engaged approach to life. The Hard Way follows Bob as he trains for the Bighorn 50k ultramarathon. As Bob pushes 90, longer races take a larger toll. How will Bob's cadence of hard work and intention help him navigate the challenges of aging?

This documentary takes us on a journey that's about more than running.Bob teaches us about living a life with purpose and momentum. Filmmakers Jeremy Lurgio and Erik Petersen spent more than a year following Hayes through the trials and triumphs of his life. They filmed his daily routines. They trailed him as he drove hours to various Montana running races. He is a complex and wonderful character whose approach to running and life is an inspiration to everyone he meets.