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Fighting for the House: Zinke vs. Juneau

The battle for the US House has taken a back seat to the political fireworks in the Presidential and Montana Governor's race. But with Montana's lone voice in the House on the line, U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke and Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau are running aggressive campaigns. MontanaPBS profiles their strengths, their political positions and their criticisms of each other in this half hour documentary. From a rural parade on the Blackfeet reservation to the Donald Trump rally in Billings to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the documentary explores the candidates' personalities and political aspirations. Both are seen as rising starts within their parties, so no matter the outcome of the election, Zinke and Juneau will likely be part of Montana's political landscape well into the future. The program also features Political Scientist Robert Saldin to add context and depth on these two very different candidates. How close do they hew to their party's lines? How will they vote if Montanans elect them? Watch "Fighting for the House, Zinke vs Juneau
Fighting for the House: Zinke vs Juneau

Fighting For The House: Zinke vs Juneau

Rating: TV-G

Montana PBS profiles in this half-hour documentary the battle for the US House.