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Rhythms Of The Big Sky

A four-part series featuring Montana musicians, produced by KUFM-TV's John Twiggs at the University of Montana, Missoula.

Archived Episodes

Going Solo (No. 104)

This episode of the Montana music series features four solo acts. Erik "Fingers" Ray from Conrad is a one-man band who entertains local audiences, Mykal Rubie is a tap-dancing talent from Missoula, Billy Angus tickles the keyboard down in Hamilton, and Chad Jacobson spins a turntable in Missoula. Produced by John Twiggs for KUFM-TV/MontanaPBS, UM-Missoula. (First Aired Thursday, January 20, 2005)

Variety and Spice (No. 103)

This program introduces us to Montana musicians and their love for music. We follow the winding path that led blues man Chuck Lester to Missoula, sit in on a Brazilian samba dance class, and meet the members of Oddability as they struggle to create a new sound. We'll also meet two singer-songwriters, Amy Martin and Burke Jam, and experience the closing of Jay's Upstairs, a Missoula live music hangout for 19 years. (First Aired Thursday, January 22, 2004)

Music and the Family (No. 102)

This program introduces us to a Missoula guitar player who reared his family to love music and to a jazz singer much influenced by her late father, a musician himself. We'll spend time with University of Montana marching band, and we'll get to meet and hear an up-and-coming Missoula band. (First Aired Thursday, April 03, 2003)

Teaching and Performing (No. 101)

This program introduces us to a number of Montana musicians who love making music. We ll meet two members of a Missoula swing band who teach music, two Kalispell college students whose friendship led to a new techno band, the woman who plays the carillon at The University of Montana, and a singer/songwriter who's trying to balance a music career and family. (First Aired Thursday, February 06, 2003)