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PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs at MontanaPBS

Student Reporting Labs (SRL) creates transformative educational experiences through video journalism that inspire youth to find their voice and engage with their communities.

SRL lesson plans, assignment prompts and instruction tools facilitate project-based learning that builds critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. Teachers, who apply to start a Lab at their school, are connected to their local PBS station and journalism mentors within the community. SRL professional development workshops prepare educators for this work and the SRL Academy brings together students from around the country to hone their skills and advance the future of journalism and public media.

Now in over 150 schools, SRL youth media producers work on special projects with Labs and work with students on story pitches, script-writing, narration, rough cuts and final videos. Students’ stories are published on the website, shared on social media, distributed through partnerships and aired on local PBS station and the PBS NewsHour nightly broadcasts.

Election Coverage 2020


Are You Going to Vote? 

Student Reporting Labs asks fellow students at the University of Montana if they plan to vote in the 2020 election.


Talking Politics with Friends 

Student Reporting Labs asks students how they talk politics with friends during the 2020 election.



Student Reporting Labs discusses the topic of polarization during the 2020 election with students from the University of Montana. .


Social Media

Student Reporting Labs visits with UM students about social media during the 2020 election.


What Would You Say to Older Generations? 

Student Reporting Labs asks students what they would say to older generations about the 2020 election.