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Education, Meaningful media use at school and at home

Distance Learning with MontanaPBS

During this time of uncertainty and school closures, we want our teachers and families to feel empowered and easily locate free educational resources. MontanaPBS is proud to provide meaningful media resources for educators, parents and families at school, via distance learning, or at home. We have collected a list of virtual and professional development assets for educators, as well as a list of educational resources for all grade levels.

If you have questions about taking your class online or want to learn more about specific resources, please contact our education team:

  • Nikki Vradenburg | Director of Education |
  • Deanna Mydland | Early Learning Specialist |

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Curriculum-Related Programming with MontanaPBS

Schools are closed around the state, but Montana’s Largest Classroom is in session! MontanaPBS and the Montana Office of Public Instruction announce an ambitious plan to support home learning for students by scheduling K-8 programming, Monday through Friday, during regular school hours. These programs are aligned to state standards and are free digital learning resources accessible from home. Read the full press release.

Topics will include:

  • Social Studies from 8:30 to 10:30am MST
  • STEM from noon to 2pm MST
  • Montana History from 2pm to 3pm MST
  • American Literature from 2pm to 3pm MST

This schedule will be updated weekly, so we invite you to check back each week for a new programming PDF!

Curriculum-Based Programming with the WORLD Channel

The WORLD Channel is also offering at-home learning opportunities for grades 6-12 weekdays from 12pm - 5pm ET beginning Monday, March 30. All programs in the block have associated PBS Learning Media assets. Any previously scheduled programming during those times will be preempted.

Unplugged Learning Menus for Grades 1-12

These fun unplugged activities will help keep you and your family busy and active while your school is closed or while practicing social distancing. Click on the poster image below to download the PDF. Questions? Contact Deanna, our Early Learning Specialist, at

Unplugged Learning with MontanaPBS Grades 1-2
Unplugged Learning with MontanaPBS Grades 7-8
Unplugged Learning with MontanaPBS Grades 3-4
Unplugged Learning with MontanaPBS Grades 9-10
Unplugged Learning with MontanaPBS Grades 5-6
Unplugged Learning with MontanaPBS Grades 11-12

Virtual Learning & Professional Development for Educators

MTPBS Learning Media: PBS LearningMedia is a FREE resource for teachers and students to access video, images, games and more. Search by topic, grade level or standard to find resources to enrich learning for PreK-12 students

Watch MTPBS Online: MontanaPBS programs and films are FREE to stream. Enjoy a robust selection of our educational programming rich with Montana history and unique storytelling.

PBS KIDS Apps: These apps are free and aligned to learning goals for literacy, STEM, Social Studies and Social Emotional Learning. Once they are downloaded, most of the apps do not require an internet connection.

PreK-12 Resources for Emergency Closings:PBS LearningMedia producers and educators have come together to curate a special collection of resources organized by grade and subject area.

3 Ways to Turn Your Classroom Remote in a Hurry: Need to bring your class online in a hurry? This post shares a variety of resources teachers can use as they plan for distance learning.

How Teachers Can Navigate School Closures: Use these trusted resources to continue to provide meaningful learning experiences for students during school closures.

Nikki Vradenburg

Going the Distance: Supporting Students to Learn at Home

This webinar was recorded March 27.

Nikki Vradenburg

Virtual Tour of MontanaPBS Resources for Home Learning

This webinar was recorded on April 7.

Nikki Vradenburg

Learn at Home in Montana's Largest Classroom with MontanaPBS

This webinar was recorded on March 31.

Nikki Vradenburg

MTPBS Distance Learning Resources Tutorial with Nikki

This webinar was recorded March 18.

Resources for Grades PreK-5

PBS Kids

Watch and Play Online

Watch full episodes and songs or access videos, games, activities and more! Best of all, it's free!


Design Squad Global

Hands-on activities and videos that connect students from around the globe! Lesson plans provided!


Sesame Street in the Communities

Explore FREE digital and print activities for early childhood settings developed by Sesame Street.

Resources for Grades 6-8

Student Reporting Labs

Online Learning Unit

View this special unit that covers the basics of local community journalism, storytelling, scripting & more.

Virtual Learning Series

Our Planet

In this 3 part series, we’ll use the show, Life from Above, to explore new ways to teach students about our planet.

Resources for Grades 9-12

KQED Learn

Online Learning

Middle and high school students tackle big issues and build their media literacy and critical thinking skills.

NPR Student

Create a Podcast

Creators of NPR's Student Podcast Challenge share how to make a podcast with your class.

Learning Media

Recorded Virtual PD Series

Explore recorded webinars about a variety of teaching topics for teachers of PreK-12 students.

Press Releases

MontanaPBS Partners with OPI to Support Students at Home

MontanaPBS partners with OPI to support students learning at home with free online resources and a revised broadcast TV schedule of educational programs beginning Monday, March 30.

PBS and WGBH to Provide At-Home Learning Programs

As schools across the country close in response to the COVID-19 virus, PBS and WGBH Boston have partnered to support distance learning.