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MontanaPBS Media Lab

Join tech savvy media makers from across the state to learn the ins and outs of making media with students. MontanaPBS Media Lab is an interactive and hands-on virtual learning experience! Each session will focus on a single digital tool for making media projects with students and will begin with an introduction to the tool, some examples about how it can be used with students, step by step instructions for how to use the tool and time to explore and ask questions. Media Lab workshops are FREE and everyone who attends live has the chance to win cool prizes! Two OPI units will be granted to all participants who attend live sessions and participate! We will record Media Lab sessions for those who want to watch them later! 

  • All sessions are from 4pm-6pm MT.

Upcoming Course Highlight

Making Media in the K-2 Learning Space with Chatterpix and PicEdu | May 17

ChatterPix Kids and PicEdu are two apps that offer a lot of options for elementary school teachers, specifically for storytelling and creative projects. Learn how to use it with your students. Chatteripix and PicEdu are tablet apps and work on iPads and Google tablets.


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Meet the Presenters

Ann Brucker, Remote 8th Grade English and Pre-Algebra, Billings, MT

Who leaves their DREAM job at Breakout EDU to go "back to school" teaching 8th graders English and Pre-Algebra?! Ann did! Come learn about the tools and resources she uses to make her mistakes and a-ha moments happen with a sudden dive into remote learning.

Amy Westrope, K-2 Teachers, Billings, MT

Amy has taught K, 1st, and 2nd grades in Billings for the past 14 years. She has a passion for incorporating Technology into her lessons to spark engagement and build digital citizenship in the classroom. Amy is a Seesaw Certified Educator, a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator, and currently teaches a Remote 2nd Grade class for BPS.


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