Teacher Community Program

MontanaPBS is one of five stations rural areas across the U.S. that are part of the PBS Teacher Community Program. This pilot initiative aims to build educator communities across our state -- connecting educators with each other and with MontanaPBS around our shared goal of improving learning outcomes for Montana's students. 

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Learning Media

PBS LearningMedia is a free resource that teachers and students can use in the classroom. Learn more


PBS TeacherLine

Looking to refine your teaching skills or take the next step in your career? Take advantage of professional development courses from PBS TeacherLine. Learn more

New in LearningMedia

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) such as quagga or zebra mussels pose a serious threat, both ecologically and economically, to freshwater systems because they reproduce dramatically and can block dams, plug irrigation systems and attach to water craft in a fairly short time. Learn More

Educational Rights

Most programs broadcast by MontanaPBS offer educators the right to record the program for use in the classroom within a defined period of time. In many cases this right is extended for one year from the date of broadcast, but in some cases may extend for the normal life of the tape. Look for the specific educational taping rights offered at the end of each program description.

The period of time for these educational rights renews every time MontanaPBS rebroadcasts a specific program. Some programs also have curriculum materials for use in conjunction with the program, which generally must be purchased.