Broadcast Area Listing 

MontanaPBS is available in over 400 communities statewide. You can view us over the air, on cable, on Dish Network, on DirectTV, and on satellite. Use the tools provided below to locate broadcast information for your area.  

MontanaPBS Channels Available:

  • MontanaPBS - Montana's most widely available public television programming available with PBS national and local programming. High Definition programming available. 
  • MontanaPBS Kids - Educational programming geared to kids and to parents with kids.  
  • MontanaPBS Create - Public Television's top shows in Cooking, Arts, and Crafts. 
  • MontanaPBS World - Unexpected stories: video, audio, documentaries, commentary, public TV, etc. 
  • Montana State Capitol Coverage - Television Montana (TVMT) is a state government broadcasting service that provides unedited, gavel to gavel coverage of Montana's legislative proceedings.

Tools to Help with Receiving MontanaPBS Channels:

  • TV Fool - Free website tool for checking your location for free OTA (Over the Air) TV.
    Main TV Fool Website. Use TV Fool to interactively find what TV signals are available for your Location.
  • Free Over the Air Satellite - If you have a large satellite dish and a DVB-S2 tuner, you can get MontanaPBS.
    Click HERE for more information.

Montana Coverage Statistics:

  • Communities Listed: 438
  • Communities with Free OTA (Over the Air) TV: 195
  • Communities with Subscription Cable: 154
  • Communities with Subscription Satellite: 385
  • Communities with OTA/Cable/Sat: 405