11th & Grant With Eric Funk

11th & Grant with Eric Funk is the premiere outlet for music performance in Montana, seeking out the state's most acclaimed, accomplished, and pioneering talent. The Emmy winning performance series also devotes significant time to each artist's personal story, insights into their music and their approach to life, ultimately providing a deeper experience than a seat at a concert. Accomplished composer and musician Eric Funk serves as host and artistic director, hand selecting each performer from communities around the state to form a diverse series featuring genres from jazz to classical, country to zydeco, and rock to fusion.

Jack Gladstone (No. 904)

First Aired Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oral tradition is the resonant core within both Native American and cowboy cultures.

Oral tradition is the resonant core within both Native American and cowboy cultures. Known as Montana’s Troubadour, Jack Gladstone’s stories and lyric poetry bring to life the experience of the northwestern mountains and plains. His heartfelt lyrics represent both indigenous and European traditions, and speak honestly of cultural change in the American west. Influenced by his Blackfeet and European ancestry, his music is infused with a unique perspective, shared by few.

He has been awarded the “C.M. Russell Heritage Award” for his contribution to the “legacy, culture, life, and country of Russell’s West.” He is the first Montanan and first Native American to receive the prestigious award. In a career spanning three decades, he has produced 15 critically acclaimed CDs, and earned numerous accolades. In 1985, Gladstone co-founded “Native America Speaks,” an award-winning lecture series for Glacier National Park.

Joining Gladstone are veterans Gary Snow on bass, Mark Witmann on drums, Linda Kuhn on cello, Philip Aaberg on piano, and Dave Griffith on steel guitar, mandolin, dobro, electric, and acoustic Guitar. Jack’s daughter Mariah also joins the group on a selection of songs, performing American Indian Sign Language. Because the language was used across many different linguistic families, the signs are more general ideas, rather than requiring a sign for every word. The signs are very organic based, often painting pictures of the story, which makes the language easier to pick up and use between tribes. 

Jack Gladstone

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